Water and Irrigating

A. Use Prohibited During Certain Hours: 

1. Addresses:

a. Even Numbered Addresses:
All lots and houses whose street addresses end in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0 will water on even calendar dates.

b. Odd Numbered Addresses:
All lots and houses whose street addresses end in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 will water on odd calendar dates.

2. Thirty First Day Of Month: 
All residents will be allowed to water on the thirty first day of the month.

3. Sprinkling Hours: 
Sprinkling hours will be from four o'clock (4:00) A.M. to twelve o'clock (12:00) noon and four o'clock (4:00) P.M. to twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight.

4. Town Parks: 
Town parks will be allowed to water during the day with fewer sprinkler heads.

B. Proper Nozzle Or Sprinkler Required: 

No watering or irrigation shall be made by any person unless the hose or water outlets shall be connected with a proper nozzle or sprinkler, and the use of a hose or a water outlet without an approved nozzle or sprinkler is hereby expressly prohibited and shall subject the user to the penalties hereinafter provided for. Should the water line or equipment result in a leak, the town is authorized to shut off water service to the occupant until the repair is completed.

C. Penalty: 

In the event that any person shall violate any of the provisions of these rules and regulations, the town, through its officers and agents, is hereby authorized to turn off the water and before the water can be turned on again, payment of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be made to the town clerk/treasurer. (Ord. 08-007, 1-20-2009)