How to License Your Dog

1.  Come into the office with your proof of rabies document.
2.  Fill out our licensing card.  
3.  Obtain license tag.

Manhattan Town Dog Code

5-4-1: AT LARGE:

An animal off the premises of the owner and not under the leash control of a competent person.


The owner or keeper of any animal within the town limits shall at all times prohibit said animal from being at large. All dogs running at large shall be subject to impoundment.


A. Owner Responsibility:
No person who owns, possesses, or exercises control over any animal located within the town limits shall allow that animal to defecate on any streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, parking lots, or other places open to the public without immediately cleaning up, removing and properly disposing of the feces in a safe manner.

B. Penalty:
Any person who violates any provision of theis section shall be guilty of a municipal infraction and shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished as set forth in Manhattan Code. (1st violation not more than $300.00, repeat violation not more than $500.00)


1. License Required:
It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, harbor, or maintain any dog over six months of age unless such dog is duly licensed in the town or deemed exempt as herein provided. Licenses shall be obtained at the Town Office.

2. Vaccination Certificate Required:
Before a license is issued, the owner of such dog must present a certificate from a veterinarian stating that such dog has received a rabies vaccination. The certificate must show that the rabies vaccination will cover the full licensing period.

5-4-2-6: FINES IMPOSED: 

A. Dogs at large: 1st offense $25.00, 2nd offense $50.00, 3rd offense $100 plus court appearance.

B. Unlicensed dog $50.00

C. Non-vaccination $50.00

D. Nuisance dog: 1st offense $50.00, 2nd offense $100.00, 3 or more $200.00

E. Vicious dog: $100.00 and court may order dog destroyed or permanently removed from the jurisdictional limits of the town.