Manhattan Town Code Reminders



Any business or person conducting business within the Town of Manhattan is required to have a business license from the Town..


Prohibits any property in the Town of Manhattan to be used by a caregiver, as defined by MCA 50-46-102, to grow, manufacture, produce, or distribute marijuana. 


When snow falls during business hours, is should be removed as soon as possible. When snow falls at night, it should be removed by 8:00 AM.

Residential (7-1-3-4A):
Accumulated snow and ice cannot obstruct any public sidewalk.


Even numbered addresses water on even numbered days. Odd numbered addresses water on odd numbered days. Everyone can water on the 31st. No one can water between noon and 4 PM or between midnight and 4 AM.


It is unlawful to park, store, leave, or permit parking or storing of any wrecked, junked, partially dismantled, or inoperative vehicle on private property within the Town limits for longer than 72 hours.

NUISANCE (4-2-4)

Every owner, occupant, or lessee of any property in the Town limits is required to maintain such property in such a way as to avoid being a nuisance to others.

SIGNS (10-15-4)

Permanent signs need a permit. Temporary signs are allowed, but must be placed no earlier than 8 hours prior to the event and taken down within 8 hours of the end of the event. Temporary signs must be freestanding, and cannot be placed on poles, or other permanent structures. No signage is allowed on State Highways (S Broadway, N 5th, and Main Street).


All dogs over 6 months old must be licensed. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Spayed/neutered license fee is $10, unaltered license fee is $20. You must get a kennel license if you have more than 2 dogs. Leashes are required in all areas of Manhattan except the designated area of Linear Park in the Farmstead.


A permit is required to keep chickens in the Town limits. All aspects of the coop and setup are regulated by Ordinance No. 09-003..

FIREWORKS (5-2-2-5)

Fireworks allowed between noon and 10 PM on July 3 and July 5. Fireworks allowed between noon on July 4 and 12:30 AM on July 5. Fireworks allowed between noon on December 31 and1:00 AM on January 1. Other fireworks displays are allowed by permit only. Fireworks are prohibited within the boundaries of any public park or property owned or controlled by the Town of Manhattan, this includes public streets and alleyways, other than on July 4, when displays shall be allowed on residential non-arterial streets providing such use does not hinder the free use of the roadway.


It is unlawful for any person to engage in public drinking, public display or exhibition of open alcoholic beverages within the Town. A permit from the Manhattan Police Department is required for open containers at large gatherings in a public place.

PARK RULES (7-11-3)

  • No overnight camping or parking. 
  • No motorized vehicles within the park boundaries.
  • No fires in the park, except for in designated barbeque units.
  • All dogs must be on leashes except for the designated area in Linear Park in Farmstead.
  • No littering. All food and animal waste and garbage must be disposed of in a garbage can or other receptacle.
  • No amusement for gain or for which a charge is made can be conducted in a park without a permit.
  • No firearms are allowed in the parks. No hitting golf balls, engaging in archery, or throwing spears in the park.
  • No signs can be posted.
  • No fireworks allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages without a permit.